Friday, October 19, 2012

Can I Stand For Obama AND For Gods' Word?

Can I Stand For Obama AND For Gods' Word?

Hello, I was hoping that the subject line would get your attention!

My conscience has been bothering me lately.  It has been asking me what have I done to encourage others to vote in a manner consistent with the standard of God’s Truth.   Sadly, it seems clear that I have bitten into that lie that religion and politics do not belong in the public arena.  Yet if I am a Believer, I must be compelled to share the Good News and stand up for Truth.  This email is one of the things I can do.  I am sending it to all on my contacts list who know me as willing to stand for what I believe.

This is Richard’s Condensed Version of Truth: God is Love.  Before time, space or matter existed, He conceived in His mind the life of every human that would come into existence.  And from that moment, He loved us!  Then out of this love for us, He created the cosmos that there may be a place and time for us to come into being –that we may come to know and love Him, that we may be loved by Him, become like Him, and then, love one another.

This is the reason of all that is.  Everything else is just part of the mix, part of the mystery of God’s Plan.  God’s love for His Beloved is the foundation of Truth, the Universal Purpose.  It is the cause of our being; what holds us in existence, and is the fullness of our destiny –if we choose to love Him (For love always demands a choice.)  Love demands freedom, therefore, we must be free to be unloving.  Free Will comes at the cost of an All Loving God allowing evil to exist.

Thus the stage is set.  Good will be at war with Evil until the end of our time, when Christ will return, and all will be judged on how we fought in this war, on the choices we made in God’s grace of freedom.  15 If you choose, you can keep the commandments, and to act faithfully is a matter of your own choice.  16 He has placed before you fire and water; stretch out your hand for whichever you choose.  17 Before each person are life and death, and whichever one chooses will be given.” (Sirach 15:15-20)
War is hell, and politics is both.  To dismiss politics, because it is dirty, is to leave the fight.  We are all needed & called into battle, but we must keep our focus.  Distractions are everywhere & most are legitimate battles in need of attention, but the real war is between Good & Evil, Life & Death. 

Today, our nation is in the throes of a battle that is unprecedented.  Our nation is in danger of losing its soul, of spurning its Judeo-Christian heritage in an attempt to embrace death and depravity.  [Warning: If you read beyond this point, you may be in danger of losing any warm & fussy feelings that might have been associated with me.]  Our 2-party system is in critical condition, both parties have potentially fatal injuries, but one of them appears to be mortally wounded.

Here’s the scenario: You find yourself in a vast open field and there is a raging bull 3oo yards in front of you.  100 yards on your left and right is a person calling to you saying they can help you.  The one on the right doesn’t appear like much of a super hero.  The one on your left is waving a huge red flag.  The bull is charging.   How much time do you want to take to ponder the plusses and minuses of your decision?  My friends, I believe our Democratic Party has gone AWOL.  Not only do they seem clueless about being exposed, but they are waving a red flag to get our attention.

Why would a party seeking to represent what is best for America nail down as a foundational plank, the call for the right of a woman to kill the baby in her womb?  (Obama went even farther by voting to kill the baby that was born from a botched abortion.)  Or why lay down as a plank the call to treat the homosexual lifestyle as a protected status in our society?  Or fight to redefine marriage which is the foundation of the family which in turn is the foundation of life and society?  Why would the majority of its representatives fight to have God removed from its platform?  Why would this party be one of the biggest drivers of racism by insisting on segregating humanity by the color of their skin, by relentlessly using terms like “Black” or “People of Color”, when in Truth there is only one race –the Human Race?   Can our real world get any Crazier?   Yes we can!  And the bull is charging.

I am a Catholic, so I say this with a deep sense of pain,  54% of the Catholic vote chose Obama, the man who is the champion of this insanity.  Our faith says that God’s Word is the Unchangeable Truth.  It unambiguously calls out murder and  homosexuality among the darkest sin, an abomination, yet, over half of us voted for an Obama Nation.  What is even more scary to me, is the number of our priests who still are registered as Democrat.

I can understand voting for a Democrat because they are a person of integrity and competence.  But in today’s world, I cannot understand how one could vote for a person because that person is a democrat.  And given the brazen identification of the Democratic Party with values diametrically opposed to those revealed in Scripture, I cannot see how any Christian can now identify themselves with as allied with them.  In fact, we should be actively exposing those heretical planks with such a fury that the Democratic Party will renounce them and return to nurturing values that all faiths can embrace.   And I am sick of the lame justifications referencing issues like Republicans are for war, or capital punishment or against immigration.  Are these part of the Republican party’s plank, is this what they identify as foundational?  No!  Even if they did, how would that override the injustice of killing 50 million innocent babies since Roe vs Wade?  Or of undermining family, the foundation of society?   And now, they are even attempting to take away our religious freedom and force us to pay for what we believe to be evil.  The time is upon us where every vote must be based on whether the candidate is a person of integrity, whose life mirrors what he says, and says what is compatible with the Mind of God.

This is a pivotal election.  One man is now in the position to take us into a darkness that will take generations to recover from, if it is possible at all.
How can one president control the destiny of our country? Try this on for size:   Cause a furor by grid locking legislation, with the simple strategy of insuring that his party's majority leader of the senate, by merely not bringing up to the floor for a vote, any legislation that is contrary to the President's agenda; while simultaneously ensuring his minority leader in the House pushes legislation that promotes his agenda, and resist everything that does not, but whatever is passed by the house is condemned to failure just by Senator Reid not bringing it forward for a vote!  The president then issues executive orders that bypass congress, all under pretense of protecting America, using the "Urgency of this Emergency".  This is sealed, by doing whatever is necessary to survive into the lame duck term, where he can appoint a majority of liberal activist Supreme Court justices, who will for their entire life, will hand down decisions that will redefine both, the meaning and limits of our constitution, of what our country deems worth protecting.  This is not a conspiracy theory, this is in play already.

Anyone who says this president has been ineffectual in his 1st term, has been just watching the news and not watching what irreparable changes are being inflicted upon our nation -all without the consent of the majority of our elected legislators, not to mention, the majority of American values.

And to blame Obama for what is happening is about as smart as blaming a starving dog for eating our steak when we turned our back on it. That dog was just being a dog.  We knew it was not in his nature, to not eat what did not belong to him, when we turned our back on that steak.  You see, WE THE PEOPLE knew what Obama stood for (what his record was, what his ideology was, who his friends were, how he was intrinsically intertwined with a radical socialist community committed to values alien to our founding fathers, and to our Judeo Christian roots) when we voted him into office. A dog will be a dog because that is his nature. Obama will be Obama, because that is what the nature of his character is.

It is WE THE PEOPLE who are responsible for putting into office the people we choose to represent us. Yes, we may be fooled sometimes, but Obama, Reid & Pelosi had a clearly established record (which is the unbiased reflection of their character and values.) The 54% of Catholics who voted for Obama had no responsible excuse for not knowing that he was an activist committed to the pro-choice agenda. Or, that he was in league with the current forces to undermine the family unit by redefining marriage and by redefining the depravity of homosexuality into a constitutionally protected status. Nor was there any reason not to know that his pastor of 20 years, who he considered his mentor, was a racist who espoused hatred for America and the Jewish nation. Nor was there any reason not to know the extraordinary disconnect between what he, Obama, said and what he did. All of this was a matter of history.

God gave us a steak, when America came to be founded as a nation, where its people could freely live their lives within the context of their Judeo-Christian values. We live in a present darkness, where what is good is being called bad, and what is bad is being called good, and where only the silly would entrust their lives into The Way of a personal and loving God. There are dogs waiting to eat our steak  -our gift from God, when we turn our backs on His Values and elect people to represent us who openly support what is abhorrent to Him.

WE THE PEOPLE need to take responsibility for the sins of our nation. We need to become a people who are committed to His Truth, to never compromising it for what is expedient, but rather demanding it the more so as it comes under attack.  Let us fervently pray for the gift of repentance, personally and nationally.  Let us vote with the Mind Of God.   May His Spirit lead us to a vote that is not blinded by words, but rather, is based on His Word.   –Richard Swiderski